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Building Expansion Project Update 9/26/21


     We encountered a bit of a setback when Ancon's engineers determined that the existing roof and building were not strong enough to support the potential snow load where the roof of the addition is to tie in.  The best solution was determined to be the addition of two steel columns which will be threaded through the building.  They will pass through the upper level at inconspicuous locations next to an existing pillar in the sanctuary and in the hallway near the nursery.  Downstairs the first column falls just inside the doorway of the "toddler room."  This doorway will eventually be moved.  The second column will be along the wall near the kitchen.  The basement floor is not adequate to support the load either and has been cut out at the pillar locations and thicker footings have been poured.  The total cost of these additional measures is $18,000.  Because they felt that they should have anticipated this need and included it in the estimate, Ancon is splitting the cost with us.  Only $9,000 was added to the contract amount.

   Sewer service is temporarily disconnected from the west side of the building.  This is inconvenient as it prevents us from using the kitchen sink and ladies' room.  The new septic is scheduled to be complete early October, at which time we may resume using these facilities.  Until then the ladies may use the men's room inside and the men will use the outhouses.

   Contributions to the building fund fluctuate week-to-week but continue to be on a pace which is more than adequate to support loan payments once they begin.  The line of credit has been opened with First State Bank, with closing costs totaling $2355.  Of this, the $798 origination fee will be returned to us as a donation when the project is complete.  Ancon will soon begin billing First State regularly based on construction progress.  We will provide approval for them to make each payment against our line of credit.  The balance will be repaid as it is incurred so as not to accrue an interest expense while we have the funds available in the building fund and general fund, maintaining an appropriate cash reserve.




Building Expansion Project Update 9/14/2021

     Visible progress!  Site work began last week, excavating from the retention pond area to provide sand to level the area of the addition.  We are in for a few months of disruption but it is exciting to finally see the building process get underway.  Please join in prayers of praise and also for patience and wisdom as we see this through to completion.


     While always subject to change, a production schedule has been added above.  If we stay on-track we are planning to have the addition shelled by mid to late November and the project complete in early January.  




Building Expansion Project Update 5/16/2021


     It is the great pleasure of the Deacon and Elder Boards and the Building Committee that we have reached our goal!  Thank the Lord and thank you all for your contributions!  We want to thank the Lord and all of you who have given sacrificially to this goal. As directed by the congregation, church leaders are moving forward with the project.  We have signed the papers with ANCON and they will begin as soon as their schedule permits. That will take 6 to 8 weeks and then it will take 4 months to complete. Financing options are being reviewed again with Interra Credit Union and First State Bank.  We hope to begin construction in late July or early August. So we hope to have the building completed by Thanksgiving.

     It is worth noting that while financing rates remain low, materials costs are quite high.  Ancon's updated proposal puts the base cost of the project at $432,300.  The cost of the steel roof has increased to $40,700.  After adding the roof and subtracting the cost of the nursery and final grading and seeding, the total cost of the project (to the extent it is captured by Ancon's proposal) is $463,670.  This leaves only $11,330 margin to the $475,000 cap that was voted on.

            Please pray for the congregation and especially the committees, that we will work together as one body as we complete this project.




Building Expansion Project Update 02/16/2021


     A special business meeting was held on January 10th.  The renewed quote and optional additions to the project were discussed.  The following motion was approved to replace the original that defined the building project:


Pine Ridge Bible Church will employ Ancon Construction to build a 2,417 square foot addition to the west of the church as presented, including metal roof and operable windows, but excluding nursery expansion and lawn grading and seeding, at a cost not to exceed $475,000, pending that at least 50% cash on hand is available at the time of construction, with the remaining cost to be covered by financing. ‘Cash on hand’ is defined as designated giving to the building fund, plus general fund.* (*less $25,000 in reserve in the general fund).




Building Expansion Project Update 12/23/2020

Church Family,

     We continue to be grateful for your generosity, patience, and prayers for guidance as we pursue the building expansion project.  We think it comes as no surprise that such projects come with challenges and a need to reassess priorities and objectives.  The congregation approved the project on March 17th, 2019.  As a reminder, this is the motion that was passed on that day:

Pine Ridge Bible Church will employ Ancon Construction to build a 2,417 square foot addition to the west of the church, as presented, at a cost not to exceed $400,000, pending that at least 50% cash on hand is available with the remaining cost to be covered by financing.  “Cash on hand” is defined as designated giving to the building fund plus general fund.*  (*less $25,000 in reserve in the general fund)

Project Costs

     We are now approaching the end of 2020.  Much has happened, including fluctuations in the cost of building materials.  The quote we received in February 2019 had a base cost of $380,850.  Our most recent quote from Ancon is from October 30th, 2020 and came in at $399,300.  Materials have increased significantly this fall and their outlook is uncertain.  Ancon has provided us the quotes they received for materials to justify the price adjustment.  They have committed to being open and transparent with us regarding materials costs.  If the lumber package price come in lower when we get ready to build they will pass the savings along to us.
     We had not planned on undertaking winter construction and Ancon could not accommodate us if we wanted to.  We do, however, need to make a commitment in order to get on their schedule for this spring or summer.
     The building project quote has always included several options that would raise or lower the total cost.  These have included various roofing options, addition of a water well, an optional nursery, additional bathroom, and lawn grading and seeding.  The Site Planning Committee has discussed these options and would like to make some proposals to the congregation.

  • New metal roofing; +$36,700:  While a significant investment, the committee believes it to be a wise one and recommends that we add this option to the project.  This would allow the whole church to match using an extremely durable material that will resist the wind damage that we have been subject to.  The standing seam construction with concealed fasteners should provide a low-maintenance surface that will last the church for many years.
  • Deduct expansion of the existing nursery into the new building addition; -$4,580:  Having set up the multipurpose/toddler room in the basement, the committee does not recommend pursuing this expansion and would like to deduct it from the quote.
  • Deduct final grading and seeding of lawn; -$4,750:  Members of the congregation have volunteered to work on this.  The committee recommends deducting this expense.
  • Upgrade to operable windows in addition; +$560:  While not included as one of the options in the latest official quote, this is something the committee has had estimated by Ancon and believes would be a worthwhile addition to the project.
  • Note that the total contract price includes $3500 worth of design and planning already paid for.

Total cost for Ancon contract as proposed:

Base bid $399,300
Metal roof +$36,700
Operable windows +$560
Nursery -$4,580
Grading and seeding -$4,750
Total contract amount $427,000

     Projects like these have costs associated with them that are difficult to predict on the front end.  Ancon's quote is detailed but not exhaustive and has several named exclusions.  On concern is modifying and tying into the existing building.  Until work has begun and the walls are opened up, we cannot guarantee that there won't be complications.  Other unknown costs directly associated with the project include construction utilities, closing costs (including appraisal, title, mortgage filing, and flood certification), utility upgrade and connection costs, re-keying doors, and adding door sensors to existing security system.  We may also need more gravel to repair the parking area than Ancon has estimated.  There may also be a period between removal of our current septic and installation of the new system when our bathroom facilities are unavailable to us.  During this time, we would need to provide a temporary outdoor restroom facility for our own use.  
     It is our sincere hope, desire, and plan to bring the project in significantly under budget.  Conversely, we would like to be able to pursue the project and address issues as they come up in good faith without coming back to the congregation to ask for additional funds.  Considering these and the potential for other unforeseen costs, the Site Planning and Capital Campaign Committees would like to request that project be re-approved as amended at a cost not to exceed $450,000.  As of 12/13/20 the funds available for the project are $220,004.  Half of the newly proposed project cost limit would be $225,000.  Based on the current rate of contributions we will easily be to that point before beginning construction in the spring.

     The Site Planning Committee has gathered information from two financial institutions, Interra Credit Union and First State Bank.  Both are willing to work with us and have reasonable terms with interest rates in the 3.5 - 4.5% range.  Ancon requires 10% of the quoted cost as a down-payment on the date of acceptance to get us on their production schedule.  Each month we will be billed for the portion of the work that has been completed.  Once the building project is underway and our available funds have been exhausted a construction loan will be used to pay for the remainder of the project.  When the project is complete this will transition into a mortgage.

Proposed Motion for January 10th Business Meeting
     Amend the March 17th, 2019 motion to employ Ancon to build the addition at a cost not to exceed $400,000 to now state that:  “Pine Ridge Bible Church will employ Ancon Construction to build a 2,417 square foot addition to the west of the church (as presented, including metal roof and operable windows, but excluding nursery expansion and lawn grading and seeding) at a cost not to exceed $450,000, pending that at least 50% cash on hand is available at the time of construction with the remaining cost to be covered by financing.  “Cash on hand” is defined as designated giving to the building fund plus general fund.*  (*less $25,000 in reserve in the general fund)

Follow up
     We are sure there will be questions as you go through this material.  Members of the committees below will be happy to help you find answers.  Please feel free to reach out to the people listed below and we will do our best to get your questions answered. 

  • Building Committee:  Scott Yoder, Dennis Kaczmarek, Charlie Miller and Edward Arnold
  • Capital Campaign Committee:  Dustin Franks, Susan Von Ins, Sarah Yoder, Charles Cross, Rachel Franks, Becky Arnold, & Jim Sonntag.




Update:  We've met our original capital campaign goal!!  (October 4, 2020)


Thank you for your contributions and sacrifice.  Only half way through our three year capital campaign we have reached our goal, raising the planned principle for the building expansion.  This is approximately half of the total cost of the project. 


Your continued financial support is appreciated, as are your prayers.  Additional funds will help reduce the amount we have to finance to complete the project.  Please continue to pray for wisdom and the Lord's guidance.


Over the coming weeks the site planning committee and the church boards will be meeting to review project details and confirm costs.  We look forward to bringing updates to the rest of the church family.  As always, feel free to contact members of the capital campaign or church boards with any questions.



What is our Church’s Capital Campaign
Our campaign is not about guilt, pressure, manipulation, hidden agendas, or gimmicks. It is a campaign of the heart!
It is about building… building devoted, mature Christians. Building active stewardship into our lives. Building ministry and outreach. And, yes, building a center for our ministry.
It is about changed lives.
It is about obedience… about our “Yes” response to God’s challenge.
It is committing ourselves to the vision that God has set before us.
It is about building stewardship into every area of our lives.
It is grappling with the fact that “I own nothing, but I am to manage everything.”
It is about knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known to others.


Q & A
So, what can we expect in this money-raising effort?
Here’s what WILL NOT happen:  No one will ask you to attend a campaign event and expect you to fill out a commitment card at that moment.
Here’s what WILL happen:  All of us will be challenged to ask God what He intends for us to give to this endeavor.


Our campaign is set into motion by the people on these teams:


Dustin Franks - Acting Chairman

Sarah Yoder - Campaign Administrator

The Spiritual Emphasis Team provides essential prayer support to make sure that the campaign is a spiritual endeavor.
Charles Cross - Spiritual Emphasis Team Leader

The Communications Team builds awareness and informs. This is the “no surprises” team, because they make sure everyone knows what’s going on through newsletters, social media, and other creative ways.
Dustin & Rachel Franks - Communications Team Leaders

The Arrangements Team is responsible to plan facility use and food for various meetings and events during the campaign.
Becky Arnold - Arrangements Team Leader

The Presentations Team will meet with the congregation in a small group setting. A Presenter will share the vision, explore the details, and explain the answers to questions that you may have.
Jim Sonntag - Presentations Team Leader

The Advance Commitments Team challenges church leaders and others to make pace-setting commitments that provide the early momentum for success.
Charlie Miller - Advance Commitments Team Leader

The Creative Gifts Team provides information and confidential counsel to those requesting information on various charitable-giving options.
Susan Von Ins - Creative Gifts Team Leader

The Bottom Line
Scriptural stewardship challenges all of us to wisely use our time, abilities, and financial resources.  Christ calls us to a life of discipline and one that is committed to Him. The more we focus on Him, the more our lives can be used for His purpose. As our ministry grows, so, too, will our people grow in maturity and in outreach. The campaign will be successful if each person is challenged to grow spiritually.

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