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Church family,

We’re very excited to be moving forward with the expansion project!

Our goal is a big one: to raise $200,000 over the next three years. We know this is a huge undertaking, but we are trusting God to do the heavy lifting. Between Kickoff Sunday last week and Celebration Sunday on June 23rd, we have a lot of ground to cover, so it’s very important that we trust God to faithfully provide as we move forward.

Church Growth Services has mapped out a number of landmarks along the way. All of them are opportunities for us to get in step with God’s plans, seek His face for wisdom, and consider how we can best use the resources He has given us.

We’re so grateful to you for your participation and prayer for this project, and we want to ask you to continue to participate and pray with us as we move forward. Our purpose for this expansion is Growing Together, and by God’s grace we will do just that. 

- The Campaign Team

P.S. - Be sure to let us know if you have any questions along the way!




Calendar of Events

Prayer Sunday — Sunday, May 19th 
The most important event of this campaign is the first one. Join us to pray over everything ahead of us, in faith that God will accomplish His purposes.

Advance Challenge Meeting — Wednesday, May 22nd, 6:30pm
In I Chronicles 29, we read how David gathered his leaders, and they gave generously to the building of the temple.  The leaders of this church will gather to be spiritually challenged to pray about what God would have them give to the campaign. 

Small Group Presentations with Practical Giving Discussions
June 2nd & 6th
The first meeting will be held in the morning during adult Sunday School.  For those unable to attend at this time a second meeting will be held the evening of Thursday, June 6th.

These small-group meetings will only be 45-60 minutes in length and will provide all of us with an opportunity to catch the vision for Growing Together, and to get answers to our questions. In addition, we’ll discuss some ideas about how to stretch our budgets and give in creative ways.

Challenge Sunday — Sunday, June 9th 
Ultimately, our biggest challenges when it comes to giving are to be still and listen expectantly for God’s leading, to ask boldly in faith, and to obey with humility and joy. It’s not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

Prayer Event — Friday, June 14th
And again, we will pray. And again, again, and again. During this event we will have time slots open for prayer from 6:00am to 6:00pm so that we are literally praying unceasingly for God’s favor and wisdom in this process.

Commitment Sunday — Sunday, June 16th 
This Sunday will be focused on committing our resources to this project, in faith that God will provide. We will communicate our commitments by turning in our sealed Commitment Cards.

Celebration Sunday — Sunday, June 23rd 
On Celebration Sunday, we will announce the total amount committed in faith toward our project. Our goal is $200,000. We believe that we can reach this amount with God’s help. Whatever the result, we will give God all the praise and glory!



What is our Church’s Capital Campaign
Our campaign is not about guilt, pressure, manipulation, hidden agendas, or gimmicks. It is a campaign of the heart!
It is about building… building devoted, mature Christians. Building active stewardship into our lives. Building ministry and outreach. And, yes, building a center for our ministry.
It is about changed lives.
It is about obedience… about our “Yes” response to God’s challenge.
It is committing ourselves to the vision that God has set before us.
It is about building stewardship into every area of our lives.
It is grappling with the fact that “I own nothing, but I am to manage everything.”
It is about knowing Jesus Christ and making Him known to others.

Q & A
So, what can we expect in this money-raising effort?
Here’s what WILL NOT happen:  No one will ask you to attend a campaign event and expect you to fill out a commitment card at that moment.
Here’s what WILL happen:  All of us will be challenged to ask God what He intends for us to give to this endeavor.

Our campaign is set into motion by the people on these teams:

Rob Nisen - General Chairperson
Sarah Yoder - Campaign Administrator

The Spiritual Emphasis Team provides essential prayer support to make sure that the campaign is a spiritual endeavor.
Charles Cross - Spiritual Emphasis Team Leader

The Communications Team builds awareness and informs. This is the “no surprises” team, because they make sure everyone knows what’s going on through newsletters, social media, and other creative ways.
Dustin & Rachel Franks - Communications Team Leaders

The Arrangements Team is responsible to plan facility use and food for various meetings and events during the campaign.
Becky Arnold - Arrangements Team Leader

The Presentations Team will meet with the congregation in a small group setting. A Presenter will share the vision, explore the details, and explain the answers to questions that you may have.
Jim Sonntag - Presentations Team Leader

The Reminder Team provides gentle encouragement to attend various campaign functions.
Corrie Nisen - Reminder Team Leader

The Advance Commitments Team challenges church leaders and others to make pace-setting commitments that provide the early momentum for success.
Charlie Miller - Advance Commitments Team Leader

The Creative Gifts Team provides information and confidential counsel to those requesting information on various charitable-giving options.
Susan Von Ins - Creative Gifts Team Leader

The Bottom Line
Scriptural stewardship challenges all of us to wisely use our time, abilities, and financial resources.  Christ calls us to a life of discipline and one that is committed to Him. The more we focus on Him, the more our lives can be used for His purpose. As our ministry grows, so, too, will our people grow in maturity and in outreach. The campaign will be successful if each person is challenged to grow spiritually.

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